Financing & Investments

With the help of our large clientele base in banks and other organizations, we have the capability of helping old and new homeowners with buying new apartments at affordable prices.

We help our clients gain the best interest rates possible from banks in order to afford their homes, here at Somagroup we walk hand in hand with our clients helping then achieve these loans and also if they have any other problems that they may encounter.

We are in the business of arranging financing for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, New Construction and Land Loans.

Years of experience have allowed us to develop systems and procedures that are designed to eliminate the red tape and delays that often drag the financing process into the ground. Our efficient staff knows that every second counts and that the best way to avoid delays is to do things right the first time.

Looking for a solid investment opportunity with a high return? We've got the perfect program. Our investment programs provide a high rate of return with the security of real property.
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